Hot spring


Lake view natural hot spring on the top floor overlooking Lake Shinji

The large fine view bath on the top floor is Matsue Shinjiko Hot spring. The different atmosphere in the morning and evening refreshes your mind. Leave yourself in the spacious bathtub and slowly heal the tiredness of your trip.

Place 6th floor West Building
Usage time 6:00 to 10:00 15:00 to 24:00
Note Please bring the towel provided in the room.

Large fine view bath

Fine view semi-open-air bath


Towels and in-house clothes are available in the guest rooms.

The dressing room is clean and spacious. Baby cot・valuables locker is available.

Amenity such as lotion and milky lotion is in the large bath.


Matsue Shinjiko Hot spring

"Matsue Shinjiko Hot spring" is a 77-degree natural hot spring that gushes out in abundance and is rich in efficacy.
It is a hot spring with a view of Lake Shinji, which was loved by Yakumo Koizumi
Heal your tiredness, and refresh your physical and mental health.

Hot spring temperature 77 degrees
Spring quality Thorium・Calcium-Sulfate・Chloride hot spring (colorless and transparent slightly salty taste/weak hydrogen sulfide odor)
Efficacy Neuralgia・muscle pain・arthralgia・stiff shoulder・motor paralysis・poor circulation・stiff joint・bruises・sprain・chronic illness・Human disease・arteriosclerosis

A 1-minute walk from the hotel, there is also a footbath in front of Matsue Shinjiko Hot spring Station.。
Please try that as well.


After bathing, enjoy a beauty treatment and massage.
The best relaxation.

□Organic Relaxation salon Wa-On
□ Massage