Wander around Matsue

Matsue Castle is about a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

The castle town of Matsue Castle, overlooking Lake Shinji, is the culture of the city of Shimane itself.

The atmosphere of the castle town remains, you can enjoy encounters and experiences that can only be found here, such as Japanese sweets.

Matsue Castle

It is the only existing castle tower in the San’in region, and one of the 12 castle towers in Japan.

It is also called “Chidori Castle” (Plover Castle) because the Irimoya Hafu gabled roofs look like wings spread out.


Matsue Castle is a castle on a hill built on Mt. Kameda at an altitude of 28M on the shore of Lake Shinji.

The castle tower is made practically, and the highlight is that it has a large number of gaps (small windows for attacking) and defensive devices such as stone dropping.

In July 2015, it was designated as a National Treasure.


Climbing up to the top floor of the watchtower, you will be treated to a magnificent view of Matsue city and Lake Shinji.

In Shiroyama Park, there is a walking trail where you can enjoy the nature of the four seasons such as pine trees, bamboo groves, cherry blossoms, camellias, and plum blossoms.

Famous confectionery of Matsue

Japanese confectionery for the Matsue clan has been handed down and is still loved as famous Matsue confectionery.



Good quality glutinous rice is kneaded into gyuhi, which makes the inside fluffy.The gyuhi is sprinkled with light green kanbai powder.



It is one of the three major confectioneries in Japan. It is the moist rakugan with the red representing autumn leaves, and the white representing river water.In its sweetness there is just the right amount of salt flavor.

Natane no Sato


It is a rakugan that expresses the appearance of white butterflies flying in the field of rape blossoms in spring.White butterflies are roasted brown rice. It is one of the Japanese confectioneries that bring the spring feeling to you.

Hime Kosode


This is a wasanbon sugar battered confection with peeled bean paste inside.The red and white colors and patterns are beautiful, making a great gift.

Yaegaki Shrine

There is a mirror pond in the small forest behind the shrine, and “destiny fortune-telling” is very popular among young women, where coins are placed on Japanese paper and floated on the pond, and the distance and time until it sinks is used to tell various fortunes.

It is also said to be the strongest power spot for achieving love. There are various types of amulets, and it is popular that you can choose the color to suit your taste.

After the extermination of Yamata no Orochi, it is said that Susanoo-no-Mikoto and Inadahime were tied in this area and as the great god of marriage in Izumo, the temple is said to be beneficial for marital happiness and good marriage.

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